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19 Dec 2018

The magic of holidays

Every year, Christmas belong to each other’s home another winter story, new presents under the Christmas tree, but always the same loved ones around the table. That’s why every year the preparations for Christmas are in full swing early December and all of us are looking for the perfect gifts for family and friends. Because we all know that the holidays are about giving, being a better person and sharing the joy with your loved ones, the VirtualCards team has prepared a list of some tips to enjoy these preparations and to really feel the magic of Christmas.

  1. Make a list of gifts before you start shopping

We all want to surprise our family members and our friends with the most beautiful and spectacular gifts, so take care and note what are their wishes. But when we are in the shops, we usually forget to take something, either we remember an old friend whom we want to make a special Christmas surprise, so we need to take another gift. What to do to avoid this agitation? Before you go shopping make a list of what you have been proposing to buy, so when you get to the store you will find what you are looking much easier. It’s better to make a list directly on your phone with Virtualcards app, in view that it will be at hand and you will be sure that you won’t forget it at home.

  1. Prepare the Christmas cookies to welcome the guests

Even if this year you are the one who organizes the Christmas meals or visits to parents, relatives or friends, make them a surprise and offer cookies in different shapes (gingerbread or snowflake) and surprise them in the most pleasant way! Get the recipe from your mother or even on the internet.

  1. Dress up like Santa

To make Christmas meals even more enjoyable and to get even better in the cheerful atmosphere of the holidays, do not forget the Santa Claus costume or another costume! The Christmas party will be much funnier and more colorful, and the sharing of presents will become the favorite moment of the evening!

  1. Find the most suitable gifts

The holiday season has always been a good opportunity to renew you wardrobe. You can take advantage of the offers that you can find in stores and you will find the right products for you and the right gift for your loved ones.

Of course, the list can continue indefinitely because Christmas brings joy and helps you to leave your imagination free to surprise the loved ones. But we let you fill your ideas and wait to share with us the joy of the holidays.

What did you ask Santa for this year?


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