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11 Sep 2018

The experience in Barcelona through Access2Europe

A visit to Barcelona cannot be any better than when you can both visit the most interesting and popular places in Barcelona, but also learn, develop and lay the foundations for future collaborations to help you in the business and your projects. How can you combine these two things to get an unforgettable experience? The European Access2Europe project is the simple, long-awaited answer. It aims to focus on the basics of entrepreneurial activity: knowing the right people and shaking the right hands.

Thus, VirtualCards had the great pleasure of being one of the invitees from over 16 European countries that participated in this project. Not only did we have the opportunity to make us more knowledgeable at international level and to announce possible partners for the services and facilities offered by our mobile application but we could know and interact with business people from various fields, like games, hotelier industry or even medicine, listening and learning from professional speakers about how to develop effectively and could  visit and discover places with great potential. Project guests from the Spanish community of investors have explained the local market and launching opportunities and have told their stories about their starter career that have been truly inspirational and motivating for all those present.

The main pioneer of this edition was Peninsula, a business incubator that specializes in creating projects that provide business processes as a service. Founded in 2011 in Silicon Valley, it now operates in Barcelona. Their goal, as well as the whole project, was to help new businesses grow without encountering major market expansion issues, accessing new customers, and developing innovative products and business models. Discover the Barcelona experience seen through the Peninsula's eyes right here.

From the very first day, participants were able to socialize, exchange opinions and ideas and listen to the speakers present. These include Didac Lee, entrepreneur and investor, Luca Veneza, Associate Director of Career Services, Eddy Zakes, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Vanesa Palmer, Angel Garrorena, Oriol Vila, and many others. The project took place over three days of well-organized activities and meetings, according to a predetermined agenda, during which Barcelona was left to be discovered by the participants in a different way, combining work and pleasure, since every activity took place in another distinct place. During the three days we visited various startup hubs,  innovation centers, incubators and accelerators like Barcelona Incubator Innovation and Accelerator Innovation Centers such as Social Point, which was launched through the Barcelona Activa Incubator , IESE Business School or Pier01, Barcelona's largest StartUp Hub. Within them, there were networking events and meetings with other corporations and partners whose business is already well established in Spain but not only. The free time between meetings and conferences took place in the form of interactions with the rest of the guests, serving meals at various restaurants where we had the opportunity to enjoy the Spanish culinary culture.

We are looking forward to participate in other editions of the project, which take place in Spain, France, Estonia and Germany. VirtualCards is definitely noticed among the participants through the proposed concept, so we are sure that we left a good impression so we hope for possible collaborations.


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