Frequently asked questions

What is VirtualCards?

VirtualCards is the app that keeps all your loyalty cards in your phone. Users enjoy offers and promotions without the need of a wallet full of plastic cards. They show the cashier their phones and instantly receive the discount.

Merchants listed in the VirtualCards app communicate directly with promotions lovers who instant find their favourite offers. Users find the low price on the go and can choose to see the route to the store.

On what type of phones is it working?

The application can be installed on all smartphone operating platforms using Web, Android and iOS.

How much does it cost?

The VirtualCards application is free and can be downloaded directly from Google Play for Android and App Store for iPhone.

How do I register?

It's very simple! Select the "No account?" and enter the data. You also have the option to login with Facebook.

How do I add a new card that is not listed in the application?

In the bottom of the default list of cards you will see the question "Is your card not listed?" followed by the "Add" button. Click it and edit your new loyalty card!

What if the cash register scanner cannot read the bar code from the phone?

If the virtual card scan failed, that cashier has to manually enter the barcode. Such situations are encountered when the scanner is an older model, linear and not 2D.

The loyalty card has no barcode, how do I add it?

Click "Add card" and tick the "no barcode" option.

If I have more phones, can I sign in with both?

Yes, connecting multiple devices with the same user is possible. If one of the gadgets belongs to someone else we recommend logging off at the end of use.

If I do not have Internet connection, does the app work?

Yes. Loyalty cards in the VirtualCards app can be used without an Internet connection. You can include new cards by scanning the barcode and when you are connected to the Internet it synchronizes giving you access to offers.

I have other questions. Who can I ask?

Use the feedback form in the app or send us an e-mail to:

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