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07 Aug 2020

Life goes on!

This period of the pandemic that we all have witnessed and we have gone through lately, we perceived it and experienced it each one of us in a different, but intense way. Because we are empathic and emotional individuals, we live every single moment or event actively, with our whole being. We had moments when we felt confused and everything seemed unfair. Due to the system, we felt like birds in a cage at their mercy and divinity.
As humans, when we are deprived of a certain thing, routine, person, or activity, we tend to appreciate it more after they become accessible again. We only had short moments of actual freedom, when we went out shopping or enjoyed a few minutes in nature, and those moments were priceless. We hoped for the best even we felt unsafe and full of fear due to the unseen enemy.
It has been proven once again that love and genuine relationships are not affected by distance and physical limitations. We have adapted to the conditions imposed by the pandemic and experienced situations beyond any imagination.
We celebrated, cried, bonded, and made quality connections with our loved ones. Technology has proven to be a reliable companion, it has shown us that distance means nothing when you hear the voice and see the face of those close to you.
Troubles and shortcomings have fallen behind and we have found quick and clever solutions. When we let ourselves driven by hope and positivism, we can think freely and effectively, because we are not constrained by anything. The sky is the limit!
VirtualCards application makes no exception:
We have continued to keep our collaborators, users, and partners close, without reducing the quality of our services
We have supported both consumers and traders by providing a safe and easy-to-use platform
We keep up with technology by scanning the barcode of plastic cards and issuing virtual cards - from our partners - directly from your phone
Your favorite retailers have been and remain active and innovative with various offers in-app for all pockets
We provided one of the best Customer Services and showed reliability when our users needed
Users have access to custom offers and they can send feedback directly to merchants.
It is a good time for recovery and readjustment for both people and the business field. After this restrictive period, we gradually go back to our habits, meetings with dear ones, walks in nature, proved to be precious and indispensable. We now have a different perspective about the world, the sky feels clearer, the grass greener and the flowers smell wonderful.
However, unfortunately, we cannot completely relax; we must be vigilant and continue to protect ourselves. The gradual opening of stores also increases the risk of contamination, so we advise you to avoid using physical cards, money, or anything that means plastic or paper as much as possible.
VirtualCards remains always close to the customers:
The risk of a potential infection decreases, everything is faster and more efficient
You have the shopping list feature which you can use in stores
Purchase goods and food using your favorite loyalty cards
You can also keep your shopping vouchers in the area designated to each retailer, along with the virtual card – without filling out papers, now everything becomes digital!
Success lies in attitude and perseverance. Let us continue to believe in ourselves, in humanity and its power to outpace own limits, and to take advantage of communication in an era dominated by technology.📲

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