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10 Jan 2019

Resolutions for New Year

              January was always the mark of the beginning of the new year, so it brought with it a moment of reflection on the year that has just ended and, more than anything, a look full of optimism towards the year that has just begun. It is the month in which we all look ahead and set ourselves, whether in thought or in the personal agenda, resolutions and wishes for the next year. We have all set some goals that we have set out to achieve throughout the year. Whether we are talking about traveling more, making new friends, finding a job or ending a project we have been working for a long time, these goals set us the pace in which we will live in the new year and how we want to do our work so we can finally feel fulfilled.

                The VirtualCards team made a retrospective of its work in the year that has just ended, and has thus formed a new list of wishes and goals for the year.

                We want to increase the number of users of the app to create the largest community, where we can share experiences, shopping tips and stories that have marked us. Our goal is to help our users and respond to their needs to lighten their wallet with various fidelity cards, making them always handy to the mobile phone, to find it as simple and fast as possible offers and promotions that their favorite merchants have prepared and get to the right stores as soon as possible to enjoy the benefits of fidelity cards. In this sense, we are always open to suggestions from you to improve the entire application.

                We also want to attract as many partners as possible so that we can answer all of your requests to create cards for as many merchants as possible. Our partners recommend us as an application with good results, a serious and dedicated collaboration, with our help coming to you in a different way, to stimulate your curiosity and sympathy.

                Our other goal, on a large scale, is to develop internationally and to attract partners and users from other countries to make available to everyone a wide range of  fidelity programs.

                We want a successful project, a team more united than ever and a successful new year!

                What goals have you set this year? Are you ready for a new start and new challenges?


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