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20 Aug 2020

This crisis situation is opportunity or struggle?

Rough situations need appropriate measures, and the key to succeed in diminishing harmful potential effects is to adapt. 

A positive attitude towards a certain critical situation helps us to keep mental health, focus and center ourselves to generate life-saving solutions; or on the contrary, the adverse effect is to sink into a blend of negative and destructive energies. To minimize the impact of the domino effect due to the trembling of social, political, economic, and cultural structures, it is necessary to use our reason and analytical thinking. To maintain the level of productivity in equilibrium to avoid a structural collapse, we have to be organized. 

It is mandatory to use all resources that we have - in this case, the technology. The internet is the ideal channel that allows the development of activities that have been physically stopped. 
At this point of impasse, online platforms gained notoriety, and the success of online stores is undeniable. In a society where time is seen as an enemy against productivity, this alternative seems to satisfy the desire to buy for the time being. The advantages of online commerce, which is constantly expanding, are numerous.

It is not a modern trend, it is a necessity especially due to this difficult situation, and it must be treated as such. It is imperative to behave rationally and continue our existence under the given conditions.

Virtual Cards is the application for mobile, the one that helps you keep your loyalty cards together and it comes to your aid with the right solution. You can benefit from various online offers within the application for a multitude of famous products and brands: footwear and clothing Il Passo, Hervis, Otter, Salamander, Ecco, Salomon, household products - Nobila Casa, MAM Bricolaj, cosmetics - Xpert Beauty, Yves Rocher, 1001cosmetice.ro, food and other products, Selgros and cora. You can even order and pay online for medical tests and afterward going strictly for procedures to Sante Clinic. Last but not least, VirtualCards keeps you up to date with the latest information from your favorite merchants who are open for you, as long as they have taken all the security measures so that you will be protected when you step into their store - Lidl, DHL or dm.

To limit physical contact with those from the delivery service, we encourage you to try the card or online payment. It is a protection measure that we recommend to everyone. 😷

Which one is our advice? Let's try to continue our daily life in the most natural way possible, with positive thinking and a proper attitude. Time will pass no matter what we do and we will overcome this crisis as we have overcome others before. But it is important to do this respecting humanity, being responsible and taking care of each other. 🕊️

Stay home as much as possible and enjoy your family! 🤗
Keep in touch! Farewell, friends! 


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