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20 Apr 2018

How to bring positive energy into your life

Outside is sunny and beautiful and the nature is full of color. We propose you to try and take advantage of the positive energy offered by nature and restore balance and harmony to our souls.

We, humans, are like magnets: when we emit positive energy - thoughts, feelings or emotions - we bring positive and beneficial things into our life. But when faced with toxic emotions, we bring the negative in our life and we lose our energy and power.

If we want to attract health, beauty, happiness, love and vitality, we must somehow stop negative thinking and let positive feelings dominate us. How to do this? Here it is a list of some ideas and methods to help you bring positivity into your life.

1. Relax

As easy as it may seem, it's so hard to relax sometimes! We live in the century of speed and we often forget to relax, to get in touch with our inner world.

You can relax in the morning, just before you get out of bed or in the evening, after you come back home from the office. In the morning, open the window to get fresh air. Then lie in bed and try to free your mind from all thoughts. Be grateful for living a new day, imagine how your body relaxes, starting from your toes and climbing to your forehead. Inspire and expire 10 times, concentrating on breathing.

In the evening you can take a relaxing bath. Fill the bathtub with warm water, put a few drops of bath oil, a few tablespoons of bath salt and a glass of wine on the edge of the bathtub. Imagine where you felt the greatest happiness in your life and identify with that moment.

2. Meditation and prayers

It is important to think that there is a purpose in this life, a plan of divinity for us. No matter what you think, you can always ask for help. You may listen to a mantra. The most famous is "Mantra Om" that helps you to balance your energies.

Do the exercise of gratitude! Remember the best things that happened to you, for which you are grateful. You will discover a lot of good things and you will feel better immediately.

3. Spend some quality time in nature

In the spring the sun is gentle and generous, so go out as much as you can! Offer yourself energy and optimism, charge your batteries, and allow your body to take a generous portion of vitamin D.  

Walk in the grass with bare feet. Your feet have a lot of nerve endings, which can be stimulated to improve the functioning of your internal organs. It's the reflexology that you can do outside, on the grass, on the asphalt or in the sand, when temperature allows it.

4. Sing and dance

Sound is recognized as a healing tool in many parts of the world. Listen to your favorite music or play the songs that you most identify with. Sing, let the song to be a part of you and dance. It doesn’t matter how you dance, no one is watching you. Enjoy every song and let your body get rid of the accumulated stress. Try listening to compelling music with optimistic lyrics and positive messages.

5. Go shopping

Shopping is one of the best relaxing therapies for women. Many studies have clearly proved that women prefer shopping as a therapy after a breakup. It seems that shopping offers women not only satisfaction and a pleasant activity, but also a new perspective. In this way, women understand that they are capable of transforming and adapting whenever is needed.

The first place is occupied by dresses and pumps. Very close to them are the underwear items, the bags and the make-up products. If going shopping is your hobby, VirtualCards is the mobile app that you need to use in order to go shopping without carrying a heavy wallet. You just add your loyalty cards to your mobile phone by simply scanning them. Next time when you will go shopping, you will show your virtual loyalty card at the point of sale. The barcode will be scanned or manually entered by the cashier and you will get your discount on the spot. Interesting, right?

6. Socialize, go out with your friends

Take time to visit your friends, go to a coffee shop, talk about life, common passions, or make plans for the future. Choose the company of your closest friends, with whom you have common interests. These interactions will help you see life in a more beautiful way.

Moreover, a delicious meal, an interesting discussion and a hug or a kiss on the cheek stimulates the growth of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

7. Laugh

Try laughing every day. In order to do this, you may watch a comedy movie or you may remember some funny memories. The laughter and a good mood are the best medicine to cure the negativity. There are studies that have shown the following: people who laugh more tend to feel less stressed and anxious. It has been scientifically proven that laugh reduces tension, reduces the hormones of stress, increases immunity, and releases endorphins.

8. Buy a pet

A dog, a cat or even a parrot will help you feel better at home. If you have enough space, you may buy a fish tank. Global studies have shown that a pet offers love and positive energy. Animals can adjust blood pressure, reduce heart diseases by lowering cholesterol, and reduce the stress. The purring of a cat, the playfulness of a dog, the chirping of the birds or the swimming of fish in the fish tank have a relaxing effect. In many clinics in Europe, animals are used for therapeutic purposes.

9. Be grateful and forgive

There is a technique, taken from the Hawaiian shamans, which is increasingly popular among those who want to find their spiritual peace. It is called Ho'oponopono and is a practice of forgiveness and release from negative energies.

This means that when you are in a stressful situation, especially in relation to other people, repeat in mind four simple but magical expressions: "I'm sorry", "Forgive me", "Thank you", "I love you". You will see that the atmosphere will get better, those around you will be much more receptive and you will feel greater.

Therefore, if you want beautiful relationships, balance and harmony, you can use Ho'oponopono to cure negative feelings. Take responsibility and clean the negativity, and your life will become more beautiful and more balanced.


These are just some of the things we can do to improve our lifestyle, to find our balance and positive energy. Each of us must choose the best way to relax and live a happy life. 


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