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22 Jun 2018

Myths and truths about smart shopping

As customers, we always hear rules and advices on how to buy smart in order to have access to quality products, but also to make good acquisitions in terms of prices. Do it like this, do it like that, buy it in bulk and so on. However, there are some myths that we should know about to avoid being trapped.

Black Friday is the best time of year for acquisitions

The frenzy created around this event makes us believe that this is the best time for shopping, the day you get the most bargains and save a little fortune. Well ... yes and no.

There are a few offers that are worth on Black Friday, but they are limited and they often end very quickly. Not all deals in stores are guaranteed to have the lowest prices of the year. In fact, some of the articles may be even more expensive than those displayed in other periods. Traders are basically showing some special offers, but they are available for some remaining products, relying on a customer to buy other things they need without checking their prices.

All products that have reached the expiration date must be discarded immediately

Another rule that we follow blindly is the one that warns us that if a product has reached the expiration date, it can no longer be consumed. However, it should be mentioned that this date refers to the quality of the product and not to the health of the consumer.

The expiration date is the date until manufacturers recommend stores to keep products on the shelf to ensure maximum freshness. There is a difference between "freshest food" and "edible".

If you buy in bulk you will save money

Can you save money if you buy multi-product packages? Of course you do. But not always bigger is better. Sometimes the cost per product is actually more expensive in a package or per unit of measure if you buy in bulk.

Do not forget to examine the labels closely and make a simple calculation to see if what you pay per item or per kilogram is a better deal. Plus, if you do not need all the products, there is a risk that they will reach the expiration date and then you've made a bad deal.

Outlets are always a good idea

Everyone loves these stores! All the favorite brands at super prices and products with discounts of 70%, 80% or even 90%. The dream of any shopaholic. Well, it's not always like that!

In fact, only 10% of the merchandise in such a store is left from past seasons. Most items are produced specifically for these points of sale, using less good quality materials, although from vendors who are agreed with famous brands. They will wear the labels you dream of, but do not expect the same quality.

Certain types of products are worse because they are cheaper

Here is a list of some myths that have been dismantled over time:

  • Darker eggs are more nutritious than white ones. In reality, the color of the egg has nothing to do with quality. It simply indicates that they were made by hens with different colors of feathers. So if you want to save, you can buy white eggs, because there is no difference in quality.
  • Fresh vegetables are a better choice than frozen ones. On the contrary, vegetables and frozen fruits can be healthier because they are matured when they are rich in nutrients. Fresh fruits are picked before they are done in the process of growing up.
  • "Low-fat" labels can be appealing, but they often contain other dangerous ingredients for added taste.Be careful, they may contain additional sugar, sodium or cereals and thus they increase the calorie index. Sweets for diet are created for diabetics and do not contain sugar, but they can have fatty fructose.
  • Natural fruit juices are healthy. Surely, from a nutritional point of view, it's ok, but if you want to lose weight, you need to know that these don’t help you. The fresh juice is extremely rich in sugar and has fewer nutrients and fiber, and absorption is fast, so there is additional pressure on the pancreas.

You understand the idea. An informed client is a winning customer, so if you want to pay the right price for what you want, think unconventionally, forget about myths and compare.


What other myths do you think should be dismantled?


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