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27 Apr 2020

VirtualCards’s story about the passion for technology

Most useful social platforms or applications today exist because there is a demand for them and also they are highly exploited by technology consumers. Usually behind any product that becomes preferred by people of all ages, depending on their interests, is an army of talented people, who work hard to provide an exceptional product.

VirtualCards is not the exception that proves the rule. The application that makes it possible to store loyalty cards in one place, allocates resources that are constantly drained, resources that require regeneration at a fast pace. Intended to make our lives easier in a highly competitive market, the team behind the application makes considerable efforts to keep the product in top choices.

At VirtualCards the focus is on teamwork because we believe that effective teams differentiate successful projects from those that no one has heard of. Cool teams radiate positive energy to everyone they interact with. We are that kind of team because in our office you will always find smiles and energy. When we are at the office ... We have been working from home since this crisis started. We really miss the atmosphere, the interaction, and especially the team. We adapt every day because users need us. We like to mix creativity with market research and testing. We are up to date with the latest novelties regarding design and technology. Mobile marketing is no longer a secret for us. We set the trend in mobile applications on the loyalty​ area in Romania.

One of the benefits that users enjoy through VirtualCards is the active presence of retailers from different fields of interest. They display their available offers and constantly update them within the platform so that users have access to them, all in the same place. As the number of affiliated partners increases, the variety of offers and categories of products and services also expand. We are constantly looking for partnerships and collaborations that cover a wide range of retailer types and provide our users with the best offers and promotions.

The developer’s team deserves a special mention. They represent the engine of the application and they make efforts to constantly improve it and optimize the existing functions. We have reached the 130 version in testing for the launch of the new application. We constantly fix bugs, react to user feedback, and create new features. It is a huge development work that is not "seen" and that not everyone is aware of it.

We are extremely receptive to all suggestions and wishes of users, and we try as much as possible to implement them as far as they correspond to the application goals and the needs of our users. We care a lot and appreciate the opinion and involvement of our users, so we react promptly to any complaint, technical issue, or simply thank them for choosing us.

The people that are permanently in contact with partners and users are those from the sales and marketing departments. They are physically and mentally involved and always looking for ways to meet the needs of shopping enthusiasts in a friendly and innovative way.

Forget plastic cards, they are dangerous because they can be potentially infected surfaces. Use the shopping list in the app when you go to the supermarket. If your partner is at home, you can use the same account and share the shopping list that syncs automatically in real-time. You will both see at the same time what was checked and what was left. Or if you forgot something and your partner remembers, he can just add the product to the list for you.

The period we are currently going through is a test for all mankind, from several points of view. Many personalities, relationships, and business structures will be filtered out. In a few words, resists the one who is stronger and who has more resources. The keyword is SOLIDARITY. But this period will pass; we will overcome this critical and ruthless situation even stronger, the important thing is that we must do it honoring what defines us as human beings and to take care of each other.


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