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06 Apr 2018

8 tricks to reduce the use of plastic

VirtualCards encourages the protection of the environment, the saving of paper and cardboard, the reduce of the plastic use. Plastic pollution is a problem that concerns a lot of people at the moment, since the products made from this material take the most time to degrade. Did you know that a plastic bottle can disappear from the surface of the earth in some hundred years?

Below you will find 9 tricks to reduce the use of plastic products.

1. Use the canvas tote bag when shopping – When you go shopping, use a canvas tote bag. In this way, you won’t buy another plastic bag and in addition, it will be more convenient for you to transport your food. Invest in buying two colorful canvas tote bags that you can wear on your shoulders. In this way, you will not collect anymore the supermarket bags that in the end go to the trash can.

2. Use metallic bottle – It is very important to stay hydrated. Purchase a metallic bottle of aluminum for drinks (you may personalize it if you want). Take it with you and you will see how you will reduce the consumption of plastic bottles or disposable glasses in the office.

3. Bring your own coffee cup - If you haven’t already brought your own coffee cup to your office, now it would be a great time to do so! If the well-known water cans are accompanied by plastic glasses, be the person who will not touch them. Try to always use your own cup, even if you will need to wash it to remove the coffee stains. The environment will thank you for that.

4. Use glass casseroles for your lunch at the office - Make sure that the food package does not involve the use of plastic bags. We advise you to focus on ergonomics and health and invest in a few intelligent containers. Use glass containers with a hermetically sealed lid and keep your food fresh for a longer time. Choose a jar to carry soups. In order to not carry food in plastic bags, we advise you to buy a special one. Such a bag has practical handles, it folds easily and is solid enough.  

5. Forget about using disposable tableware – Say no to this habit! You use them once and then throw them away. Remember that plastic degrades extremely hard and releases dangerous chemicals into the soil. The set consisting of fork, spoon, knife, all stainless steel, they shouldn’t miss from the kitchen at your office. You can hold a multifunctional knife in your car.

6. Try to not use plastic bags to pack one item – We all know the situation when we go to the supermarket and pack a fruit in a plastic bag. First, we choose the fruit or the vegetable that we want. Then, we weigh it. And last, we pack each item in a plastic bag. At the end, the plastic bags are thrown away. Instead, put this kind of item directly in your canvas tote bag.

7. Take your lunch as you should do - Taking your lunch for at least 30 minutes is a good habit for your health and also a good one for the environment. For example, you don’t need disposable tableware when you go to a restaurant. To save money, you can go to the cafeteria or the supermarket that serves cooked food, but bring your own casserole, so your food does not get into the plastic container, which once you have finished eating will go to the trash can. 

8. Use the jars as recipients - It often happens to collect in the house empty jars resulting from shopping pickled cucumbers or jam. Instead of throwing them away, you may use them as recipients. You may keep your spices or food in them. Glass is a healthy storage option. Use them to carry food to work. Depending on what container you need at home for your spices (bigger or smaller), you can buy your store products according to the jar that interests you.


Tell your friends to pay attention to the problem of plastic pollution. Each of us can contribute a little to a healthy planet! wink


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