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21 Sep 2018

Today’s technology, your hopeful help

According to the study called "Living in Europe, 2018" by E.ON and Kantar EMNID, we find out that many european subjects considered in 2017 that technology is unnecessary and makes their lives more complicated. Well, one year later, we notice an increase in the number of people convinced that technologies in our lives are essential, the Czech Republic being the first in 2018 in terms of change of opinion compared to the previous year.

Mobile phones have begun to take hold of all aspects of our lives. Today, more than ever, we use our mobile phones and their applications for most of our daily activities. For this reason, there are more and more gadgets that make our life easier.

Can you imagine a day of our life without your phone, without your apps or without technology? Better and more active, or on the contrary, more crowded and harder?

We want to recognize it or not, phones and technology  itself make life much easier. Even games on the phone have an important role, because it helps us relax and fill our time when we take a break from our chores.

And in a highly competitive global market powered by internet technology, meeting all technology wishes is becoming quite challenging for developers.

Many people have confirmed that they want convenience and always want it at hand. They also claim that rewards are at the top of their preferences when it comes to useful applications. As for vouchers, coupons, or fidelity cards, users prefer to always have them at their fingertips when shopping. You never know when an interesting product appears, just good to buy at the OFFER!

The good news is that there is such a rewarding program that is friendly, mobile and designed to connect with people on the move, anywhere and anytime! It's a cheap and efficient way to manage a loyalty system for both businesses and customers. We are talking about VirtualCards, the mobile application that allows you to store your fidelity cards directly into your phone, which greatly relieves your wallet full of such cards. And as everything around is constantly evolving, mobile application users are always expecting new features that give them many benefits in use.

VirtualCards App tries to keep up with the needs of its users, so every time introduces new functionalities and opportunities when you use it. To prove this, we have prepared a short list of these benefits that have been transposed into the mobile app and that make life much easier or, if not, at least your wallet.

1.Be the first one who finds out about the offers in stores

We all enjoy the news of season sales or the appearance of new products in our favorite store.  But often it may be a little too late to fully enjoy them because we do not find out in time about their existence. Nowadays, your mobile phone does all the work and takes care to keep you up to date with everything new. The  VirtualCard App sends you notices as soon as possible about the latest offers so you can enjoy shopping. In addition, you do not have to fill your bag with many promotional leaflets!

2.Go shopping without worrying about your wallet

Today's technology now offers you the opportunity to upload all your loyalty cards into your mobile app, so when shopping you do not have to take care of your full wallet and inventory of all the cards you have. You always have at your fingertips what you need to relax in shopping and get everything you want at great deals!

3.Have the simplest route available to get where you want

We all know that one of the benefits of the Internet and the technology we are enjoying more and more is the GPS, which always guides us the right way to any destination, whether we drive by car or on foot. VirtualCards has taken some of this, so when you want to get to your favorite store, but you do not know which one is closest, the application will advise and guide you through the shortest route to get there and spend much more time in the store, not on the road. Do you imagine how much time you save in this way, instead of asking a friend and looking for your own way, being able to lose yourself?

The list of advantages continues, but we let you discover some of them yourself.

If you have just decided to start to ease your day-to-day activities, we recommend that you install the VirtualCards simple, easy and FREE!

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions at contact@virtualcardsapp.com. We are open to improvement and we appreciate any opinion by treating them quickly and constructively.


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