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18 Jul 2018

VirtualCards meets SRAC

We all know that nowadays, when technology is increasingly used in most domains, one of the biggest problems we face is information security when surfing the internet and using our favorite mobile applications. Considering that the VirtualCards mobile application is among these favorite consumer apps, we are here to make sure you can forget about this problem when navigating on it! How? Nothing easier! VirtualCards has obtained the SRAC certificate, which helps its users and partners!

What is SRAC?

According to the official website http://www.srac.ro/en , as a promoter of quality culture, SRAC is actively involved in facilitating the access of organizations to the most current and innovative information and experience in the field of quality, evaluation compliance, management systems, certification, etc.  Presently SRAC group has a large range of accredited services of management systems certifications, products certification – with the application of CE Marking, testing and inspections services, training, having a team of over 300 auditors and experts for all fields of activity.

What does certification mean?

Personal data security is at the forefront of VirtualCards cares, which wants to provide both its users and partners  a pleasant and worry-free experience with the use of the application, aiming to maintain transparency in communication. Thus, the VirtualCards application has been certified by SRAC ISO 27001, to which the IQNet Certificate is added. This benchmark is based on the following principles defining information security: confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. The approach to this standard ensures long-term security based on the implementation of security policies, procedures and methods designed to protect the information and resources of organizations. VirtualCards is committed to providing complete and accurate information about the services provided, protecting privacy with its users and partners, and offer them everything that is required for effective and long-lasting collaboration.

Like you, we also get some benefits

Benefits of this certification? There would be plenty! But among them we list the following:

  • credibility, trust and integrity to customers;
  • increase productivity by reducing operational risks;
  • provide the proof that the effectual laws and regulations are respected;
  • increasing the value of the company;
  • preventing financial losses and much more

As you can see, there are benefits for both the application itself and its recipients. In this way we win your trust and you stay with us as long as possible and enjoy shopping safely! 


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