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23 Aug 2018

VirtualCards – A retrospective of the benefits of the application

Since its inception, VirtualCards has been designed to bring benefits to those who use it, keeping pace with the technology that evolves on a daily basis. The VirtualCards team values simplicity and organization; moreover, it appreciates the winnings of the users of the app. That's precisely why we've put together for you a list of the benefits of the app that retrospects the achievements over time.

Are you ready to see what benefits you will have?


1.Through VirtualCards, the plastic card becomes a virtual card.

A fundamental benefit brought by VirtualCards is that of keeping / issuing in your phone fidelity cards. The many fidelity cards worn in your wallet or purse at every shop visit can be safely stored in your phone via the app. Thus, your wallet will be thin, and the care of the cards will become a simple reminder! Moreover, you can generate credit cards directly from your phone simply by completing  a few fields to generate a card. VirtualCards evolves to a new stage and becomes an international application. „VitualCards has reached the point where the future is represented by international expansion adds. Sorin Mitran, VirtualCards Project Manager says: „Our goal is to expand into new markets and develop long-term partnership relationships all over the world.”

2.Through VirtualCards flyers become offers on the phone.

This measure is beneficial to the environment, as paper is no longer scattered on leaflets or flyers. Protecting the environment is a constant concern for the VirtualCards team and we hope that you will join us in this approach.

3.Communication is handy via the phone

Whether you are passionate about electronics, clothes or furniture, the VirtualCards application will always  inform you about new offers, promotions or discounts. This will be done very simple by some notifications from the app, where you will be informed by a short message about commercial news. For this, all you have to do is to have the option to receive notifications from merchants enabled.

4.Interaction becomes more active

With VirtualCards, you'll be a step closer to your favorite merchants! If you add or generate a card to a merchant, you can send a feedback to share your shopping experience or tell them which were the most attractive offers. At the same time, if you encounter certain problems, the dedicated team behind the application will help you to solve any possible situation. At VirtualCards, we encourage dialogue and we are always focused on results.


By doing so, we want to thank our users and partners for their constant support for the application. We hope to expand in the shortest time in the international environment so you can enjoy as much of every benefit as possible and remember that we always stay at contact@virtualcardsapp.com. With VirtualCards, shopping is always more enjoyable and easier!



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