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08 Jun 2018

GDPR – A solution, not a problem

GDPR to the left, GDPR to the right, GDPR is everywhere! Ever since it came into force on 25th May 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (shortly GDPR) became a very used term, being regarded with some uncertainty from several parts. On one hand, by the users who are aware of the importance of the data they entrust and, on the other hand, by the companies that had to apply the GDPR requirements.

In this labyrinth of information that has been created, it is important to point out that GDPR is actually helping the users. This regulation is nothing to be scared of, on the contrary, it facilitates users' access to know the data they provide.

GDPR - A beneficial measure

In our daily navigation on the Internet, like the trips or walks we do, we tend to provide information. Some of these data are personal, such as name, phone number, e-mail address, or even the date of birth. In general, personal data is any kind of data that a person can be identified, such as the examples previously provided.

But what are the benefits of this new regulation? One advantage is that the user will be able to know what data is collected and what is the objective of this action. We could say that, in this way, the user acquires control of the personal information he/she provides. Also, the users can request their data to be deleted if they no longer have interest in a particular subject. At the same time, notices of security breaches will have to be given within 72 hours of the event.

An informed user is a successful user, and communication is particularly important in this process.wink

VirtualCards is GDPR compliant

Personal data security is a fundamental topic for VirtualCards, that's why we have ISO 27001 accredited by SRAC. We seek to provide our users with the most useful and enjoyable experience while using the app, and we want to maintain a transparency relationship in which concerns the communication.

We know that shopping often tends to become tedious, so we are looking to keep you up-to-date on the latest offers and promotions. Thus, the next shopping journey will become more enjoyable! smiley We also offer you the possibility to add your loyalty cards to your phone, so that the time spent at the cash register is remarkably shorter.


  • If you want to add your loyalty cards to your phone for an easier access to them, you do not need to provide personal information. Just use the app as a guest and add your cards whenever you need them.



  • If you want to access the app from another device or you want to access your cards and photos on a new phone, creating an account becomes a recommended backup measure. To create an account, some minimal data is required, such as: name, first name, e-mail address. These are useful in order to benefit from the above mentioned services, but also for future authentications.



  • To generate a virtual card, you need to provide certain data based on the partnership established with merchants. This data is processed by merchants only on the basis of your consent, in accordance with their Terms and Conditions. You can access this information whenever you want, in order to always be informed. Generating a virtual card from the application simplifies the process of issuing a loyalty card and not only! In this way, we encourage environmental protection. Forget about the paper forms and the plastic cards worn in your wallet!


At the same time, we have updated our Terms and Conditions and we have created a Privacy Notice in which users are informed about the purposes for which their personal data is collected and processed. The user can choose if he/she wants to receive notifications about the latest offers of their favorite merchants or can choose if they want to receive a newsletter.


So, put aside the fears of this new regulation and enjoy the experience in the application as much as possible. smiley


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