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04 May 2018

Essential items every house needs

We often go shopping with a shopping list and we know exactly what we have to buy. However, in some houses, there are missing some essential items for the health of the entire family. Here at VirtualCards, we value health and we encourage people to live a healthy life. Next time when you go shopping remember the suggested items below:

  • Pressure cooker – Beside from the fact that it saves time when cooking, the meals prepared in the pressure cooker are healthier and more flavorful because they keep nutrients in them.
  • Thermometer and tensiometer - Do you think that your child has got fever? The thermometer will tell you instantly. Also, a tensiometer to measure your tension is welcomed in the house. Tensiometers can be both digital and manual.
  • Humidifier - When is too hot or too cold outside, the humidity in the house changes, the big gap between these temperatures leading to discomfort, allergies or causing skin drying. In order to adjust the humidity in the room and to reach an optimal level for the health and comfort of the entire family, you need to have an air humidifier in your house.
  • Sanitary kit - If you have a sanitary kit in your car, then you should have one in your house, too. We advise you to include in a sanitary kit: anti-inflammatory drugs (for migraines, dental or back pain), antipyretics to reduce fever, bandages, and an ointment for burns, in the cases when you touch accidentally the hot pot or the clothes iron.
  • Mouthwash and dental floss - Oral hygiene is extremely important. Give it a lot of attention and use the mouthwash and dental floss for healthy teeth. You will prevent dental caries without any additional effort.
  • Teas - The basic teas that you need to have in your house are the following: chamomile tea (anti-inflammatory effect), linden tea (calming effect, sedative), mint tea (antiseptic, detoxifying, tonic), marigold tea (anti-inflammatory, disinfectant).
  • Decorative plants – What would we be without the beautiful flowers? They give a fresh look and additionally, they produce oxygen for our body through the photosynthesis process.


How many of the above mentioned do you have at home?


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