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02 Feb 2018

Why do you like so much VirtualCards App?

Are you one of VirtualCards oldest fans? Then you know all the advantages this App gives you!

If you’re a new user and you have already turned your plastic cards into virtual ones, we will tell you what else you can do with VirtualCards. It’s all about facilities our users love.


1.            Get rid of the heavy wallet. We’ll take this opportunity and thank to everyone who wrote and called us to congrats about this App. Your messages make us happy. A mommy have told us: The little one was always playing with my plastic cards, hiding them all over the house. Now I have them all in my phone. Lots of excited users have said: My wallet got lighter! The short story is that VirtualCards had become loved due to its facility to transfer your loyalty cards in your phone by simply scanning the barcode from the card or manually insert the code digits.

2.            Create your shopping list. If you haven’t used this option yet, we warmly recommend it. Is more than useful and you won’t forget what you need to buy. Write your shopping list in the App. You can cross them off the list as you buy them and you’re done! You can also let your partner or friends know about your progress by sharing the list.

3.            Make your voice heard! Tell the merchants about your shopping experience, what you have enjoyed and which parts you haven’t. Just open the App and give feedback straight from the virtual card section to your favorite merchant.

4.            Find all your cards, even if you’ll change your phone. Have you thought you will lose all your cards if you change your phone? Wrong! If you create an account, the App will remember all your cards. So on your new phone, log into VirtualCards, connect with your email and password and you’ll find all your cards.

Be green! Show your phone with the virtual card to the cashier. He’ll scan the barcode and you’ll get the discount instantly. No more plastic cards and no more paperwork. Each one of us can make a change to a healthier planet! smiley


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