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02 Mar 2018

How to relax after a busy day

After a long day at work, you arrive home and think how can you manage your time better so you can have few minutes to relax. If after you get home and finish all the chores, you still have some quiet time left, you scored!

Below you can find some tips to spend your night without Facebook or Whatsapp.

  1. Make your shopping plan for tomorrow with VirtualCards. For a few minutes, take a virtual tour of shops. Is like walking, but on your smartphone, in VirtualCards app from your own bed. Better make a plan from a night before, with a full belly. Check what you need in your fridge and wardrobe and put it on the shopping list.
  2. Skim through a cook book. Relax by browsing through dozens of recipes getting ideas of delicious food. Lie in your bed and take a cook book with you. If you don’t have one, go on a cooking blog and enjoy it. Hopefully, you’ll find at least some recipes you’d like to try.  See what ingredients you need, open VirtualCards and put it on the shopping list.
  3. Draw like a child.  Hakuna matata to all of you! Draw strange shapes and mix paint to color them. You get more relaxing points, if at the end your drawing looks like from a Lord of the Rings scene!
  4. Take a long bath. An hour of relaxation will put your thoughts in order and your mind at ease. If you’re a smartphone addicted, you can read the news or look for the latest movie releases, while your skin is soaking in the warm water.
  5. Recycle the plastic cards. As you know, VirtualCards app helps to get rid of all your plastic loyalty cards. Turn them into virtual cards in your phone and we’ll give you some ideas on what you can do with the plastic ones:
  • Use your plastic cards as glass support
  • If you have kids, let them play with your colorful cards
  • Attach it to a key you don’t want to lose in your big purse


Keep calm and enjoy your time! heart


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