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16 Mar 2018

The guide of the modern shopaholic client

The modern costumer is looking for discounts, best offers, reads reviews, makes online recommendations and has VirtualCards to store all his loyalty cards.

The modern consumer knows how to buy smart, save time and money. How he succeeds?

Create shopping lists - this way he knows clearly what he’ll put in the basket and won’t spend extra money. Don’t you think he has any cheating charts in his pockets! No way. He has VirtualCards app and check every item off his list as he is putting it in the basket.

Use virtual cards - He always has his loyalty cards with him. Although he’s never searching through his pockets or wallet. He has them all in VirtualCards and he never misses a discount. Hard to when you have all your cards with you all the time!

Share the shopping list - To save time, he shares the shopping list with other family members. He can either share it through text, email, Whatsapp. Facebook or use the same account to help the others keep track of his shopping progress.

Give feedback - The modern consumer cares. He’ll share his feedback about his shopping experience by using VirtualCards.


Happy Shopping! laugh


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