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10 Dec 2018

Opportunities offered by Access2Europe

The European program Access2Europe continues with new opportunities for projects that have also been taking place this week in Barcelona. In addition to the well-known visits and adventures in Barcelona, ​​VirtualCards was one of the participants in this program, enjoying the opportunity to grow in the Spanish lands.

The program was held over a full week in November and was supported by Peninsula Corp. The Peninsula is a business incubator specialized in creating projects that provide business processes as a service. Founded in 2011 in Silicon Valley, it now operates in Barcelona. Their goal, as well as the whole project, was to help new businesses grow without encountering major market expansion issues, accessing new customers, and developing innovative products and business models.

Within this program, we were able to present our project to the other participants, thus having the opportunity to attract potential new investors or foreign partners. We interacted with them, exchanging experience and impressions. We also took part in the organizers' presentations, which talked about the possibilities you have if you launch your project in Spain, about how social sales take place, and about the benefits of having a local VC anywhere you want to develop an affair. These lectures were supported by special invitations brought by the Peninsula at the event.

Participating in this program is a launch of all projects outside of the country of origin, so VirtualCards enjoys the invitation to it.

We thank the organizers for a well-done job and we look forward to the future editions of the program!

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