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22 Dec 2017

Lessons about shopping that you need to learn

Everyone loves to go shopping, especially the women. cheeky  But not everyone knows how to shop in a clever way such that at the end of the day to enjoy a maximum satisfaction without spending a small fortune at shopping.

But how can you change a shopping session into a successful experience? How can you make a difference between something that you need and something that you want? Here are some truths that women have understood over time, in their run through the shelves of clothes, shoes or accessories.

1. Invest in the things that matter

First of all, invest in the clothes that you can wear at different types of events and at any time of the day. Therefore, the famous “little black dress” must be in your wardrobe. You can wear it at the office, at a special event or even at a party with friends.

Find a fabulous pair of jeans that fit you properly. Jeans are an extremely versatile clothing item with the condition that they need to have a classic cut and they must fit your waist. And yes, we agree that is difficult to find the jeans described above, but they worth the effort, even the financial effort. After filling your wardrobe with too many pairs of inappropriate or inadequate jeans, you will realize that you have scattered a lot of money on something you do not actually like and you will not want to wear.

Don’t forget the stiletto shoes -nude or black – that any woman should have in their wardrobe.

2. No matter what you buy, it must make you feel special

The truth about going shopping is the following one: we rarely need the acquisitions we make. Most of the time, we buy because we enjoy the experience, the adventure, the spirit of hunting for the perfect product. wink We enjoy the adventure that we live whenever we go shopping for the perfect dress at the best price or for that unique pair of jeans in which we look great.

We go shopping when we celebrate – a new job, an increase of the salary, or a birthday. We go shopping when we want to change our mood – in this regard, studies have shown that shopping raises the level of dopamine in our brains and makes us happy. We go shopping to make us feel special or to buy gifts that make the loved ones feel special. 

3. Patience is a virtue

We are always tempted by the new collections from the shops that are fresh, factory-made and priced accordingly. Don’t forget that there exists an universal lesson in shopping, that is if you buy immediately, you will spend twice as much unless you wait until the end of the season, when the rebate period begins.

How many times did you say “My wardrobe is full, I don’t need anything else”? Never! But, if you analyze the situation a bit, you could open the wardrobe and choose clothes for at least 2 weeks without repeating, don’t you? In this case, it doesn’t hurt to have a little patience!

4. Love at first sight also exists in shopping

Shopping doesn’t need to make you feel frustrated, but rather make you feel good. From time to time, a dress, a pair of shoes or a particular bag may look like they are specially designed for you. As long as it doesn’t become a habit, spoil yourself! If you feel deep in your soul that you need that item, that will match a lot of clothes from your wardrobe, buy it and you’ll leave the stores very happy! If you are not 100% sure, put it back on the shelf, it’s not worth it!

5. Friends and shopping go together

Do you remember the famous TV Series “Sex and the City”? Four close friends were going shopping together and after that, they went to a restaurant where they indulged themselves. Any experience is better when is shared. Invite your friends to a session of shopping and enjoy the moment! Furthermore, your friends will give their opinion about your choices or will stop you from spending too much money Ask for their opinion and take it into consideration, offer them advice in return. Try out clothes, reflect and choose wisely!

6. No preconceived opinions

Always go shopping with your mind open. Don’t go shopping with a special clothing item in mind, that you have designed in your mind with all the details – brand, texture, pattern, color. There are small chances to find it and you will be disappointed. Be open minded! Small and chic boutiques can hide true treasures, while a brand or a store that you always avoided may hide something you've been looking for. The shopping session may be full of surprises, that’s how we want it to be! Try something new, make a change of style or wear something new, don’t fill your wardrobe with uniforms. laugh

7. Learn from mistakes

We all experienced the situation of buying something from impulse and when we arrived home, we discovered that it doesn’t fit our silhouette, that it doesn’t match the other outfits or that we just don’t like it anymore. The only solution in this case is to donate these things to a friend, to a colleague or even to a less fortunate person.

But the most important thing is to learn to give up things, to learn from these mistakes and next time to choose the right items. What is the purpose of having a full wardrobe if every morning you have a problem when choosing an outfit for the office? Do a creative exercise when you are not determined whether to buy something or not. If you were suddenly awakened from sleep and you should prepare yourself in 10 minutes to leave, without having too much details about the place, would you choose the objects that you bought? If yes, then it’s worth the splurge! If not, not!

8. Create your own style

Certainly at least once in your lifetime you wanted to get out of anonymity, to make a major change or to adopt another style and you bought something accordingly, but you later discovered that it is not what you want. Do not get overwhelmed by fashion or trends. We are all different and it is normal to differentiate ourselves from the others by what we wear. No matter what you wear, be sure that it represents you, that you feel comfortable in your skin and that it fits your silhouette. When you don’t know what to do or you're not convinced, choose your style! The clothes are not only about the design, they also need attitude. The same outfit may look different on two persons, even if they have the same measure on their waist. Don’t forget, you wear the clothes, not the clothes wear you! wink

9. Research is the key    

Be always aware of what interests you: trends, combinations, styles or prices. Keep up to date and make informed choices. Follow the online pages of your favorite fashion brands, be aware of the discount period, compare prices, prioritize and in the end buy what you want. In this way you will be sure that you have the items you want at the best price.  

Don’t go shopping when you are alone, tired, sad or disappointed. Negative emotional states can affect your ability to choose and you will end up buying things that you do not really want or do not need. It is very important that you can use for your benefit all the research you have done over time about your favorite brands.

10. Request discount cards

Most brands have loyalty programs, coupons, or discount cards. Don’t be afraid to ask stores if they have a loyalty program. Immediate discounts may not seem important to you, but in time, discount cards can bring you a lot of benefits. Don’t be afraid that you will have your wallet full of plastic cards;  there is now a handy solution to this problem, the mobile application VirtualCards.

VirtualCards helps you keep your fidelity cards in your phone or even create new ones, directly from the application. You can add your cards to your phone just by simply scanning the barcodes or you can get some new ones just by completing a few fields. Thus, you will always have your loyalty cards with you and you will never miss a discount. Just show the virtual card from the phone directly to the cash register.

In the hope that you will find our tips useful, we wish you to enjoy your next shopping session and we are looking forward to see you on the offer section from the VirtualCards application to see what our partners have been working on.


Good luck to the smart shopping! heart



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